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Brazilian Wax

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Brazilian waxing

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Brazilian Wax Becoming PopularMore common than what one may think, brazilian wax is becoming increasingly popular – even in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The results far outweigh the pain of having the hair removed. Having smooth hair free skin is like revisiting your youth of the past. The aesthetician or wax specialist should be well trained to perform this service. We at Impeccable Visage have 10 years of waxing experience so you are in the care of an experienced professional.

The typical brazilian waxing service will include the removal of all the hair south of the navel area front and back, although you do have the option to customize your service as you wish if you’d like to keep a little hair for adornment. Typical pricing starts around $70-$90.00. Some salons offer discount pricing for regular clients – as we do also.

About the Three Stages of Hair growth

It’s important to understand the morphology of the hair to obtain optimal results. There are Three Stages of Hair Growth. The anagen stage is the “live stage” in which a new hair is produced, it is during this stage that you want to remove the hair from the follicle to get the best results. The catagen stage is the falling out stage in which the hair detaches itself from the bulb or root. The final resting stage is called the telogen stage where the hair bulb is not active and the hair is pushed up out of the follicle. It takes 4 to 13 weeks for this process to be complete, and for best results, maintenance is required every 4 to 6 weeks (it is also required that you have three weeks of hair outgrowth for the first appointment). We at Impeccable Visage reward those who take care of themselves and maintain this cycle by offering a discount price.

Is Brazilian Wax for Me?

Brazilian Waxing isn’t for everyone, there are some Individuals that should not be waxed. Anyone who has an autoimmune disease, or is taking certain medications would be at high risk of having a reaction. You will be asked a few questions before being waxed, answering them honestly will only be for your benefit. Other precautions for waxing clients are  no tanning of any kind 24-48 hours before or after your waxing appointment, avoid harsh chemicals like fragrances in lotions and alcohol. Stay out of the water of pools and hot tubs, even the beach for 24-48 hours after you wax. To avoid ingrown hairs be sure to exfoliate regularly with a gentle, nonfragranced body scrub.

Brazilian wax is not a pain-free experience, some may want to take some ibuprofen before the appointment to ease the discomfort. It’s well worth the comfort of being in your own skin and the confidence in your swimwear.

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