Healthy Glow Spa Package

Healthy Glow Spa Package

Special Impeccable Visage

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This 90 min. pampering beauty treatment begins with a One-hour lymph drainage facial to deep cleanse the face neck and shoulders, followed up with a mask applied to protect and hydrate your fresh complexion. Also included is a relaxing hand, foot, upper body and facial massage to increase the lymph drainage for better skin immune health, rich in vitamins and minerals to feed and hydrate the skin. A moisturizer is also included to protect and hydrate the skin to leave a radiantly finished completion.

 After the facial you will have all the final touches applied to your skin, beginning with a mineral foundation that will not clog your pores. The Jane Iredale products are specially formulated to help reduce inflammation (acne, rosacea, and redness)and help prevent premature aging by infusing antioxidants into your skin. Enhancing your beauty inside and out.

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