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Hair Salons

Hair Salons

Green Bay Wisconsin

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Impeccable Visage Aesthetics is located in the privately owned Chrysalis Hair Salon and Spa in the heart of Green Bay Wisconsin’s shopping district, located in the Village Shopping Square next to the Bay Park Mall.

Types of Hair Salons

There are many different types of hair salons in Green Bay. For those who like the convince of a quick cut and style, the franchise or chain salons are always an easy find for those who don’t like to book appointments. Availability and affordability are the appeals in these types of salons.

Men’s Hair Salons

Men’s hair salons are becoming more popular as well, the old school barber shops are no longer the place for men to get “cleaned up” as the service industry becomes more and more competitive for the clients business. A full-service salon and spa are quickly becoming the choice for men to visit as men’s care is becoming more detailed, with hair coloring services, nail care, and body waxing options available.

Green Bay has a lot of Unique Hair Salons owned privately, that supports the local community. These salons are both affordable and offer an array of different services, from nails, to include gel, acrylic, and shellac. Hot Stone and Swedish massage, as well as Aesthetics services to include Facial Skin Care Treatments, Full Body Waxing, and relaxing Body treatments including Reiki Energy Treatments.

Most importantly when salon “shopping” is sure to be aware of sanitation practices. You can find a fabulous salon that fits your style or lets even say vibe, but nothing will jive with that vibe if the salon doesn’t practice strict sanitation guidelines. Things to look for when visiting a salon would include the overall cleanliness of the hair salon, is hair all over the floor and chairs? Are the retail shelves dust free and be sure to check the men’s or ladies restroom, if that looks like it’s been neglected chances are a lot of other things are overlooked elsewhere as well.

We at Impeccable Visage pay Serious Attention To Cleanliness of our Beauty Salon.

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