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Reiki Classes are offered at Impeccable Visage to obtain the necessary knowledge, and skills, for the increased flow of energy, to balances the body physically, emotionally, and mentally. This healing art also supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself and greatly speed the healing process of the body. Reiki reestablishes spiritual equilibrium, mental well-being and a sense of oneness with all life, helping to manifest the beauty magnificence within. It also aids in an understanding who you truly are, and transforms life on every level. It also releases stress, and pain, promoting a state of total relaxation. Reiki cleanses the body of toxins and poisons by releasing negative energy patterns.

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Grounding  techniques are essential for Reiki Practitioners to provide a quality service. Learning to envelop one’s self in light and visualize themselves connected to the earth will keep the energy treatments integrity intact.

You will also learn the Reiki principals of living. Including the attitude of gratitude to eliminating worry and anger, and working from honesty, showing love and respect for every living thing. Living these principals will increase the effectiveness of the Reiki treatment.ImpeccableVisageReikiclasses

Students will learn the basic hand positions for administering a Reiki treatment to the seven main chakras, and the understanding the basics of the Chakra System.

The ancient art of hands-on healing through Reiki treatments has been used for centuries and is becoming more popular today as the public is more open to alternative healing techniques and a more purposeful, joyful life. It is the basic understanding of being supported by our connection to this energy, and our compassion that releases the ego to allow the body to heal and mind to relax. After the completion of the Reiki one training, and attunements, the student will also feel more balanced, and be able to educate and administer the relaxing, healing energy treatments to others.

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It teaches people the increased flow of energy, to balances the body physically, emotionally, and mentally. You will learn the Reiki principals of living, and grounding technique.