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Come experience the transformative energy at Impeccable Visage. Reiki helps the body to heal itself physically, & emotionally. This 45min. treatment also releases stress and pain, promoting a state of wellness total relaxation.



Acquire the healing power through Attunements, Reiki Classes are also available.

Reiki is an ancient art of hands-on healing through means of channeling or funneling “Ki” or Energy into the body so that the one who’s receiving the treatment has the ability to heal themselves energetically. It can be accessed by anyone, you don’t have to have any required skills to learn or receive Reiki, other than just being human. Reiki is life force energy. “It is the force” it is the essences of your DNA and every living cell in your body.mqdefault

Albert Einstein had discovered through the theory of relativity that all things are vibrations. The most common form of vibrations that have been measured, are the vibrations of sound, and light. The “speed” of light is faster than the “speed” of sound, and the higher the speed or rapid oscillation of the vibration the lighter and more powerful the energy. When working with the energy of Reiki, an energy is so pure, It’s best comparison is unconditional love. The Results are better health, mentally and physically, less stress, and anxiety, and an understanding of who we really are.

The human potential is only in the early stages of development, not talking about wealth and status in this egotistical material sense of the world. Thing like fast cars, fancy homes, watches, and others of the like that you can touch are actually of a very low vibration. The atoms have to be moving so slowly that you can actually touch the object.

Some who don’t understand Reiki think it is a religion. Reiki is not a religion. A religion is defined as a belief and worship in a higher being/God. There is no worship and no belief in a power higher than One’s Self. We all have the ability to learn and practice Reiki to heal our lives of whatever may be causing us dis-ease. It does require some discipline and practice, but with time in doing so, it transforms life on every level. Improved health is wealth with understanding and peace of mind.

We also offer reiki transformational care where we incorporate energy balancing with daily activities and aesthetic services.  For more information call Christine at (920) 562 0167. Rates may vary.


Your Inner Beauty Will Radiate! To make an Appointment call  (920) 562 0167 or Contact Us Here

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Reiki is am ancient art of healing that balances the chi and the chakra systems in body.