Christine Hurst

Christine Hurst

Christine Hurst

Impeccable Visage’s Owner

Christine Hurst Impeccable VisageChristine Hurst is a Licensed Aesthetician, Reiki master, and owner of Impeccable Visage aesthetics center in Green Bay, WI. She specializes in complete mind-body wellness beginning with the skin. Educating others is her passion, empowering people with information that can not only be beneficial to their health but to anyone around them energetically.

Teaching others how to care for their skin and the benefits of self-care, in general, encourages respect for the self and others, creating a healthier, happier community. She wants to empower others to love life by loving themselves more and to be the change we want to see in the world.

The practice of Transformative Aesthetics is to allow one’s true beauty to truly radiate from the inside out. She incorporates Reiki energy healing into healthy skin care treatments to promote less stress and beautiful skin.

Christine is not only an Aesthetician but a Licensed Aesthetics instructor as well. She enjoys sharing her experiences and knowledge to inspire¬†others to succeed. Her growth through parenting her daughter who was born with a rare disability has allowed her to experience compassion on a greater level. She learned to love unconditionally by letting go of “control”.

In addition to practicing Transformative Aesthetics, she is a certified Reiki Master which allows her to teach others the power of the “life force energy” that resides within each one of us and how to utilize it.

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