Beauty Salons in Green Bay, WI: Why Do We Stand Out?

About Us

Welcome to Impeccable Visage

Unique Beauty Salon in the area of Green Bay, Wisconsin

green bay day spa beauty salonsImpeccable Visage is an aesthetic practice offering Waxing Hair Removal, Skin Care Treatments, Mineral Makeup & Energy Balancing. This is why we are unique among beauty salons in the area of Green Bay. Emphasis on a complete mind-body wellness & education. We are committed to empowering your True Inner Beauty. You will radiate with the help of our relaxing Treatments, to ease the conscious mind, and to promote the realization of your true perfection.

Transformative Aesthetics is the advanced and exciting new practice. It merges techniques to heal both the Skin (outer) and Metaphysical Energy (inner). Offering body & facial skin treatments with Reiki energy balancing to create a new level of relaxation and peace of mind. It unites physical to internal beauty wellness. Impeccable Visage is located within the Chrysalis Salon and Day Spa in Green Bay Wisconsin, which offers an array of day spa services such as massage, manicures, pedicures, and hair services.

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We offer Quality Organic Skin Care Products for all skin types – even the most sensitive. Our goal is to pamper you from head to toe & to highlight your individual natural beauty without breaking your budget. Our experienced & talented staff are one of the most qualified in the industry. Call (920) 562 -0167 to make an appointment today. For Impeccable Visage’s availability click here for Hours of service.

If you were ever wondering which one to choose among all of the Beauty Salons in Green Bay, and you want something special, Impeccable Visage is definitely a choice worth taking.

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